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2017-05-31 12:11 am

H/D Remix Fic Claim: Dark Places

Title: Dark Places
Author: Bixgirl1
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 8900
Content: Friends to lovers, Auror partners, mentions of potions abuse, semi-public sex, explicit sex.
Remixed From: Pure Imagination  by leontina for the H/D Remix on Livejournal
Summary:  Harry and Draco have been Auror partners and even friends for the last few years--damn good ones, at that--which is why Harry's never tried to change their relationship despite his feelings.
Until, of course, they're on assignment and get locked in a wardrobe together

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2017-05-31 12:16 am

H/D Remix Fic Claim: How To Catch A Weasley (And Maybe A Potter, Too)

Title: How To Catch A Weasley (And Maybe A Potter, Too)
Author: Bixgirl1
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Ron/Pansy
Rating: R
Word Count: 7600
Remixed for:Meaningless by GingerTodgers for the H/D Remix fest on Livejournal.
Content: Flirting, banter, misunderstandings, UST. 
Summary: In which Pansy has a crush and needs Draco's help, Draco has a crush but staunchly refuses to admit it, Potter might have a crush, but is as infuriating as always, and no one knows what the hell Wealsey is thinking--likely not even himself.

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2017-05-31 05:20 pm

Gift fic for Capitu: The Man In The Scarlet Cloak

Title: The Man In The Scarlet Cloak 
Author: Bixgirl1
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Word Count: 16k
Rating: NC17
Content: Flirting, The Forbidden Forest, Auror Harry, Professor Draco, Tree Magic, Nature Magic, Humor, Fairytales, Hung!Harry, UST, wanking, face-fucking, rimming (because, of course), anal sex.
Summary:  There's usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it's Mating Season.

In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.

Author's Note: Very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Because I feel the need to make all things dirty, apparently. lol.

[personal profile] capitu , I've had this idea in my head for you for a while. I joined the fandom community right before your birthday, and have regretted ever since not gifting you something, because you've been so unbearably lovely to me from the first fic I posted. The way you comment and cheerlead, the way you rec and support everyone, just shows what a kind and lovely person you are. And your prompts usually show a nice dash of kink, too, which I'm pretty sure just means you have the whole package. ;) I absolutely adore you and am so happy to see your name pop up on any notification--ao3, lj, tumblr, it never matters, because you never cease to make me smile.

So many thanks to my awesome prereader, jadepresley, and the wonderfu magpie_fngril for the beta.  <3 [Bad username or unknown identity:   ]