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The list.  The LIST.


I’ve been taking a break from writing fanfic this week due to a long paper I’ve procrastinated doing for a freaking month, but I DO need to clear out of working for a few minutes for the sake of my mental health occasionally, so I’ve decided to make… The List. 


You know the one I mean.  I’ve been wanting to make it for a while because I keep seeing them and yassss, having all of your likes and dislikes and kinks in one place appeals to me greatly. 


So once more, into the fray:



Harry/Draco.  Ultimate OTP.  Drarry forever.   (Occasionally the ‘o’ stands for ‘only’ rather than ‘one’.)






Pansy/Everyone.  (I like that she has a good time and isn’t concerned with where to get it. lol)

I’ve been reading Millicent/Hermione lately, and I’m really starting to dig that, too.


Tropes I adore:

Eighth year fics.  My very favorite, most of the time.  The first Drarry I read took place in eighth year and I cannot get enough of them.

Accidental Bonding:  There are no words.  I want them all.  They are my jam and make me happy.  Gimme two idiots who are bitterly stuck together and lots of UST and I will offer to kill people for you.

Mpreg.  I adore the trope in general, but I do have a hard time finding *stories* I love, so if you see any good ones send that shit my way!

Prostitution/Rentboys:  Guuhhhh.  I need this so badly in my life.  Particularly when it’s Sophisticated!Draco, who is also a bit of an emotional mess. I also like Draco when he’s been forced into the situation through awful circumstances (which tends to be the rule), and both at once.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes. It’s so yummy and I never want to stop reading.  I can cope with Harry on the other end, but I will die for Draco getting paid.  (Maybe it’s ‘cause I’d pay him, myself.)

Veela/Creature fics:  I prefer these to be on the lighter side, but I’ve read some amazing dark!creature fics, too.

Anything that involves dares:  C’mon, write one.  I dare you.

Anything that involves party games:  Thank you, lq_traintracks for this, as well as my eighth year obsession.

Auror Partners: Harry and Draco would be the best team and everyone in the world knows it so there.

Unusual careers colliding:  Gimme Harry as a magical carpenter and Draco as a magical lumberjack, I don’t care.  (Um.  That’d probably be better vice-versa, now that I think of it.  But still; you get what I’m saying.)

PWP, particularly in unusual places or with a silly set-up.


Likes (in no particular order):



Misunderstandings, particularly when it comes to each other’s feelings.


Draco speaking more than one language.

Sophisticated Draco (especially when he’s secretly not.  Add that he has slobbish tendencies or is scatterbrained or whatnot and I’m in love.)

Draco discovering/loving Muggle things.  Even better when Harry is showing him.

House Magic.  Oh, yes. 

Harry and/or Draco getting jealous and/or possessive.

Harry defending Malfoy at the trials after the war.  For that matter, post-war fics. 



Draco wearing glasses.  Or a waistcoat.  Or jeans.  Or nothing.

Harry, same.

Affectionate insults.

Friends to lovers.

Enemies to lovers.

Fine, okay, enemies to friends to lovers, too.

Dirty little secrets.

Powerful Harry/Controlled Draco.

Wandless magic.

Supportive Ron and Hermione.

Snarky Pansy and Blaise.


Happily Ever After.


Dislikes:  I have read and will read pretty much anything.  I’ll even dive into my squick list on occasion if I trust the writer.  But I’m not a huge fan of—



Draco being poor (unless it’s a catalyst for him to become a prostitute). 

One of them losing their magic, even temporarily.

Disability fics. (Total hypocrite here, because I’ve written one.)

Magical prep spells.  (Again, hypocrite, but I like what I like.)

Sad/Ambiguous endings.  (I have read some that are amazing, I just prefer the happy ones.)

Humiliation kink.

I’m not a *giant* fan of Established Relationship fics, but that’s more dependent on the summary and author. 

Infidelity (although, yeah, when it's done well I will pant after it).

Epilogue compliant stories (usually.)

Not huge on kidfics where the kids feature prominently.

Muggle AU. I think I've read two that haven't bothered me.  Totally not my thing.  Enough that I almost put it on the squicklist.




Rimming.  Do it.  Do lots of it.  Make it filthy and involved and drippy and all of that good stuff.

Fingering.  Oh, yeah. 

Coming untouched.

Dirty talk.  The dirtier, the better.

Consensual BDSM with aftercare, particularly when one of them is teaching the other what a healthy BDSM dynamic should be/look like. 

Dub-con that turns into full-con.

First times.  YES. 

Loss of virginity.

Awkwardly situated, uncomfortable sex that’s also really, really hot.

Frantic quickies because they can’t wait.

Power plays.


Blow jobs.

Getting caught/almost caught.  Even better if it’s by Ron.  Even better if he’s appalled but not truly angry.

Exhibitionism, when they *aren’t* caught.

Voyeurism, particularly when it involves watching/hearing the other wank.

Wanking.  Make them do it A LOT.

Hair pulling.



Flirting in public.

Prolonged foreplay.

Bottoming from the top.

Scar!Kink.  Which goes along with DarkMark!Kink.

For Draco/Albus, I have a *thing* about Draco being attracted to Albus because he looks so much like Harry.  As in: Draco gets involved with Albus because he’s still pining and doesn’t realize it.  Best if there are power dynamics involved.


Squicks (nothing is set in stone, but again—if these are in the tags I’m going to be a LOT less inclined to read it):

Major character death.  Don’t like it.  Don’t wanna read it.

Hateful Ron and/or Hermione.

Hateful Harry. 

Unhappy endings.

Character bashing.

Rape/Non-con.  (I don’t mind if referenced or alluded to.  But hardcore rape scenes in stories will make me shy away.)

Chan.  (Unless it’s the boys, together, aged 15 or 16.  Can cope with that.


Incest.  Usually.

Scat, watersports, etc.  No.

“Come” spelled “Cum.”  Idk why, but this makes me shudder.

Huge differences in height, particularly when Draco is super tall and Harry is super short.


And there you have it. Well, some.  I have about a thousand others, I’m sure, that I can’t think of right now, so I’ll probably update this a lot.  Aaannnndd now I’d better toddle off to finish my schoolwork!  😊










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